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The Chromosome Chronicles was started in a Princeton dormitory in late 2008. Written by Alex Bisignano, a computational biologist and entrepreneur, this blog talks about personal genetics, healthcare, big data, bioethics, and bioinformatics.

About Alex Bisignano

Alex Bisignano is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Recombine, a clinical genetic testing company. He develops bioinformatic solutions for microarray and next generation sequencing data. Alex is responsible for the software architecture and core technology development at Recombine. His goal is to help improve global healthcare by making genetic testing more accessible through responsible, accurate, and informed healthcare providers.

Prior to his work in bioinformatics, Alex was a consultant at Credit Suisse where he was responsible for streamlining and improving the performance of large internal database systems. Alex graduated Magna Cum Laude from Princeton University in June of 2009 with an A.B. in Molecular Biology and a Certificate in Medical Spanish. Upon completion of his senior thesis – on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and their effect on the cell therapy market – Alex was awarded membership into Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.

Outside of genetics, Alex enjoys playing the piano, snowboarding, watching Arrested Development, and working on various web applications for fun.

Publications, Abstracts & Posters

  • Horcajadas J A, Fischer J, Ketterson K, Bisignano A., Development and Improvement of a New Multi-Genetic Test for the Detection of 175 of the Most Highly Penetrant Monogenic Diseases. American Society for Reproductive Medicine. (Award Winning Abstract: October 2012).
  • Bisignano A, Ketterson K, Fischer J, Wells D, Horcajadas J., A Comparison of Array Technologies and Next Generation Sequencing Technologies in Preconception Genetic Diagnosis. American Society for Reproductive Medicine. (Poster: October 2012).
  • Cohen J, Alikani M, Bisignano A., Past performance of assisted reproduction technologies as a model to predict future progress: a proposed addendum to Moore’s law. Reproductive Biomedicine Online. (Paper: September 2012).
  • Horcajadas J A, Munné S, Fischer J, Ketterson K, Wells D, Bisignano A.Development of a comprehensive, cost effective microarray-based genetic test for 216 of the most highly penetrant monogenic diseases. European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. (Poster: July 2012).
  • Bisignano A, Wells D, Harton G, Munné S.Reply: PGD and aneuploidy screening for 24 chromosomes by genome-wide SNP analysis: a responsible path towards greater utility. Reproductive Biomedicine Online. (Reply: November 2011).
  • Bisignano A, Wells D, Harton G, Munné S.,  PGD and aneuploidy screening for 24 chromosomes: advantages and disadvantages of competing platforms. Reproductive Biomedicine Online. (Commentary: June 2011).


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